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Blustery Sunset ~ 02-17-2012

Click for Full Gallery - Sunset 02-17-2012
Click for a few of the best shots

Made a Country Run yesterday. Surfed and took pictures at Sunset. Waves were 6 feet with a few bigger bombs. Stiff offshore trades. Took pictures between 930am and 1130am.

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Sunset 01-29-2012

Click for Full Gallery - Sunset 01-29-2012

Headed North yesterday (Sunday) and the swell was way down from Saturday. Saturday got so big it washed out the Volcom Pipe event. Sunday was 4 to 6 feet and very manageable. From 7 to 8am I got as many barrels as I could, then drove around the corner to Sunset and took pictures from 830am to 1030am. Looks like today (Monday) is gonna be serious. Waimea buoy is already 8 feet 18 seconds...

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Sunset Gallery

Click here for the full gallery

Went to the country yesterday (Thursday) and took pictures at Sunset. The waves were way down from Big Wednesday but still plenty of juice - 6 to 8 feet, moderate offshore. Some solid peaks outside and some throbbing barrels on the inside. The brothers Florence showed up toward the end and went to work on the inside, pulling in with abandon. Heard stories of 25 foot clean up sets and plenty of carnage at some outer reefs yesterday.

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A Merry Christmas at Sunset w/ Gallery

Full Gallery: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Sunset-12-25-2011/20749627_Xpc5n6#...

Took pictures at Sunset Beach this morning (Sunday, Dec 25th) from 830am to 11am. New NW swell was filling in nicely. 4-6 feet and plenty of juice. The inside section was serving up a few bulbous ones. The winds have been blasting all week on the Eastside and I was half expecting it to be victory at sea conditions in the country too. But the wind was minor and the conditions were killer. I should have a full gallery up in the morning. Click the header to see a few top shots.

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Morning Sunset

Full Gallery: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Sunset-12-18-2011/20661274_m9GMd6#...

Took pictures at Sunset yesterday (Sunday Dec. 18th) from 845am to 1045am. Waves were 4 to 6 feet. Stiff offshore trades. There were some nice Teepees when they'd wedge up just right. A shifty line up kept everyone on their toes with most the lineup getting caught in the rinse cycle on a couple occasions...

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Thanksgiving Sunset w/ Gallery

GALLERY: http://photos.oahusurfshots.com/Other/Sunset-11-26-2011/20285355_BTGpKZ#...

Took some pictures at Sunset on Thanksgiving. Waves were pretty good - 4 to 5 feet with some hollow inside bowls. I didn't last too long. I was taking picture from my boogie board and got rolled by a set. It was a crappy boogie board that I found out in the surf one day with a crappier leash. I didn't see the board again.

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